Best Air Compression / Airbag Foot Massager and Benefits

Are you looking to buy an air bag foot massager?  I’m sure you have been surfing to find the best massager machine and looking for answers. In this blog post I will review the ChiSoft Foot Massager that I have tried myself.

A revolutionary foot pain relief solution through an incredibly modern design

At some point in our lives, all of us suffer from painful feet due to numerous reasons. Feet support all of the body weight and that is why pain is inevitable. Foot discomfort can be extremely annoying and ends up affecting your quality of life.

According to several researches, an adult human takes around 4000-6000 steps each day. Moreover, around 75% of the population suffers from some kind of issues related to feet. The most prevalent causes of foot problem can be linked to either shoe that does not fit or improper walking stances. Unlike most of the other pains, foot pain increases gradually and there comes a time when a person ends up needing professional help such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation routines.

Additionally, many feet related problems are caused by the poor circulation of blood to the area. Blood circulation can be improved by proper diet, regular exercise, and proper posture.

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In order to keep your feet healthy, it is very important to exercise your feet regularly and occasional massages should also be integrated into your foot care routine. Keeping all the aforementioned statistics and facts in mind, we have introduced our one-of-a-kind ChiSoft Airbag Foot Massager which is packed with wonderfully useful features. The best part is, our product is compact and easy to use.

Compression Therapy

What makes our foot massager unique from the other foot massagers on the market is the airbag compression technology that provides am an almost magical comfort. This system uses air to inflate and deflate the bag while fully enveloping your feet. The compression and decompression make sure that the blood vessels in your feet are stimulated effectively along with the feet muscles, resulting in an improved blood flow to the whole area.

As mentioned earlier, lack of exercise and poor diet are leading causes of the decreased blood flow resulting in cold feet. Moreover, the weather is another contributing factor. Using ChiSoft will increase the blood flow and the temperature of your feet will rise and this increase in the temperature will relieve the soreness and cramps.

A complete massaging solution

ChiSoft is one of the few complete feet massaging solutions that you will find on the market. It provides similar results as professional massaging sessions. We kept all the feet related issues in mind while developing the features of ChiSoft. The kneading massager knobs assist in providing an instant pain relief to the base of the foot. This feature is also essential for foot cramps.

Moreover, the bi-directional kneading knobs send the warmth and vibrations to the deep, hard-to-reach foot muscles and the user can easily adjust the massage intensity and speed. We’ve also added the heating feature for an extra layer of professional care for your feet.

ChiSoft only draws 24W of power with a cULus certified power adapter that is compatible with North American electrical outlet between 100V-240V.These specifications make ChiSoft a power efficient and unique, portable foot massager that you can use in your home or office and you can travel with it too.


* Increase blood circulation for balancedvigor of the body

* Relieves pain, soreness, discomfort, cramps, and tightness of foot muscles and tendons instantly

* Enables a sense of relaxation and comfort

* Alleviates chronic foot stress

* Perfect for personal use or for gifts, as the design is both aesthetically pleasing and highly affordable


* Unique airbag compression system: provides the ultimate compression therapy to improve blood flow and reduce muscle pain, pinches, soreness, aches, numbness, cramps, and more

* Heating function: radiates and penetrates deep into hard-to-reach muscles and tendons for an effective soothing result

* Trigger point massager knobs: kneads and presses against the base of your feet for a professional massaging result

* Multiple intensity and speed settings: tailor to your needs for the most comfortable and satisfying massage therapy possible

* Compact and portable: lightweight, easy to use, and easy to store; convenience is the key, as the design of our foot massager is small in size yet powerful to deliver the result that you desire with multiple settings to choose from

* High quality: from the exterior material to the fabric, from the control panel to the power adapter, everything is quality checked. The AC adapter is also cULus certified, which means this adapter is compatible with North American standard electrical outlets.


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